paragraph of the week


Paragraph of the week are you independent or not. I don’t know if I am super independent but I can still do stuff on my own like I can think for myself. I am trying to get more independent but I am not doing great on that. So I would say that I am a little independent but not super independent. 


Hello, this is my project on mammoth cave.


for the biosphere project, I had to make a self-containing biosphere. A biosphere is a jar with plants and soil in it and if you do it right it stays alive. I also made a video tutorial on how to make it.

jewish values

For the Jewish values project, we had to pick 5 important values. I chose responsibility, respect for animals, free choice, truth, and understanding. There were a lot of options so it was hard to pick just 5 but I think I picked good ones. Next time I would put more detail on each slide.

set the scene

For the set the scene assignment we had to make a paragraph about the school using the five senses (smell, touch, see, hear and taste)  for example I heard the waves crashing into the rocky shore. It’s kind of hard writing every sentence like that but it was also fun it is really short though next time I would make it longer.

Here it is

It’s a Tuesday, when I walk into school my cold bones warm-up then I get cold again because the windows are always open. As I sit down, I feel a sharp pain in my heel as always as class starts the teacher starts to talk. I see the flash of the smart board and then put on my headphones listening to the loud music echoing in my ears. After the first class, I go down to the maze, the hundreds of doors that I don’t know where any of them lead to. I feel a shiver down my spine as I keep walking then… Booo! I feel my heart jumping from my chest. After the first two classes, we race to gym (which is always outside because of COVID). It’s cold but refreshing, as I feel the air, rain, and ball hit me in the face simultaneously. Then it’s snack time, of course, however, I don’t eat and just sit there. Next, I walk down for my resource period. I feel the sweat dripping from my face and I can barely move. After that, I feel myself cool down as I walk up the stairs. I get to my next class and immediately sit down and take my computer out, preparing to work. I feel an odd satisfaction, as there are only a few students that are in this class. Next class Hebrew, I am staring at the clock waiting to have recess. As I run outside to play, my joy is overwhelming as I am so excited to play and have fun. Walking back to class we have a double math period my mind begins to wander. Getting lost in my imagination has the bell wakes me up from my trance. The last period, yes, I can feel it as I try to concentrate until school ends. Suddenly I hear it, the sound of freedom.

bus drivers give kids lunch

i saw an article that said a lot of bus drivers are giving lunch to kids who can’t leave and get food. I think it’s very good what they’re doing because it saves a lot of lives. These bus drivers are an example of what people should be doing. I am staying positive. 

punta cana

For winter vacation i went to punta cana. When I came (after getting in our room) we all went to the lazy river, the water was nice and cool the bar is in the river was where he had the most drinks  I had the first shirley temple it was so good you can feel the sweetness of it. The restaurants all smelt so good. The next day we saw 2 other pools a heated pool in the heated pool you can feel the heat and an infinity pool but my favorite was the lazy river, the beach was a close second the waves are huge and the sand i nice and soft. I like just looking at the water and hear the water crashing.


  1. I chose to share my What does it mean to be Canadian assignment because it was better than my other option.


  1. For this assignment, we had to tell what does it mean to live in Canada. 
  2. I am proud of this assignment because It’s good 
  1. Something I could improve on for next time is to make it longer.

What does it mean to be Canadian?


By Yaakov Friedman


What does it mean to live in Canada

Canada is beautiful. It is big and full of lakes and forests to explore. Canada is full of wild animals like geese moose and birds.                      

In Canada, we have free healthcare. So it’s not too expensive. We take good care of sick people. We have old age homes. where old people can live, be fed and taken care of. So if you are old you have a home. 

I feel safe in Canada. I can walk around my neighbourhood and not be scared. In Canada, we choose our government in free elections. I am glad to live in a democracy.  Not every country is so lucky. I am happy to live in a country where you can trust the police to help you when you need it. The police are trustworthy.

There is no where else I would rather live.

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