punta cana

For winter vacation i went to punta cana. When I came (after getting in our room) we all went to the lazy river, the water was nice and cool the bar is in the river was where he had the most drinks  I had the first shirley temple it was so good you can feel the sweetness of it. The restaurants all smelt so good. The next day we saw 2 other pools a heated pool in the heated pool you can feel the heat and an infinity pool but my favorite was the lazy river, the beach was a close second the waves are huge and the sand i nice and soft. I like just looking at the water and hear the water crashing.

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      1. I thought It would smell like mountain dew and modern warfare. And yes modern warfare has a smell, the smell of happiness and zombies

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your winter break, though I saw that you didn’t capitalize your “i” in the beginning of your post.

  2. Great post Yaakov!

    Have you vacationed to Punta Cana before or was this your first time? Have you been other places in the Dominica Republic or just Punta Cana?

    Other than the pool and the bar, did you do anything else interesting or exciting on the trip?

    When you are ready, I’d love to see you add some “Categories” to your blog…

    Keep up the great work!


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